Getting to the Details: Garage Door Openers

There are three prominent types of automatic garage door openers: chain, belt, and screw-driven. Chain openers are often considered “old-fashioned”, although up-to-date chain models are completely safe and reliable.

The notable downside to chain openers is the metal chains that can produce a noticeable amount of noise. While belt and screw-driven models are considerably quieter, the upside leads them to be a bit more expensive. Screw-driven models have the additional upside of being noticeably stronger and are often placed in combination with a newer, heavier hardwood garage door. One of our high-quality hardwood garage doors in Dallas-Fort Worth, in combination with a screw-driven opener, will give you a beautiful door that also provides an added level of home security and peace of mind.

You will also need to know which way you would like to operate your automatic Dallas-Fort Worth garage door opener. Keypads, remote-controlled, keyless devices, and computerized mechanisms are among the items that you can choose from. However, each type of item will have a different impact on your wallet. For example, rolling frequency remote-operated openers are recommended to protect your home from garage intruders. Computerized garage door openers can be operated from long distances, such as your place of work, and can be used hand-in-hand with certain home security systems. These are popular choices for homeowners that may need to let nannies, maids, friends, or relatives into their house while they are at work or on a business trip.

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The Benefits of Cedar

Cedar has long been the most popular choice for hardwood garage doors – not only because of its elegance and natural beauty, but because of its natural ability to maintain its quality…all by itself.

Without any additional procedures, cedar can withstand decay from mold, moisture, and parasite decay far better than most other wood types. This directly translates into less maintenance from you to maintain the appearance of your garage door(s). Cedar also tends to be lighter in weight and maintain its color for significantly longer, which are crucial factors in the consideration of a garage door.

Our Dallas TX hardwood garage door company has experience installing cedar garage doors; if you’re interested in the potential installation of one of our gorgeous cedar garage doors, please contact our garage door installation experts. We serve almost all of the Dallas-Fort Worth area..

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